Untitled (2020)
Length: 183 seconds
Camera and sculpture by Timon Prospèr
Editing and sound by Daan Mulder

‘A silhouet of the thinker’ (2019)
Length: 140 seconds
Film by Timon Prospèr

‘Sea’ (2019)
Length: loop
Deze film komt voort uit een serie onderwaterfilms die in de zee zijn opgenomen. Het vormt een visuele representatie van mijn verlangen naar kalmte, evenwicht en sereniteit.
Camera and editing by Timon Prospèr
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‘Sleur’ (2019)
Length: 196 seconds
A short experimental film
Camera and editing by Timon Prospèr

No title (2018)
Length: 630 seconds
A short film inspired by the increasing influence of nationalism within the western world.
Camera, editing and music by Timon Prospèr
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No title (2017)
Lenght: 41 seconds
A short film about an indefinable object.
Camera by Timon Prospèr

‘Seaforest’ (2017)
Length: 180 seconds
A film with a storyline that brings forward a meditative experience.
Camera and music by Timon Prospèr
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‘The Dive’ (2017)
Length: 188 seconds
Camera and directing by Emmy Zwagers
Editing by Timon Prospèr

 ‘It Should Be Forbidden’ (2017)
Length: 57 seconds
This video is made due to a song written by Timon Prospèr in 2015.

‘The achievable’ (2016)
Length: loop
A visual representation of a dream that won’t come true in the nearest future.
Camera by Timon Prospèr
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Length: Loop
A turning kinetic sculpture of eggboxes, moving because of the air in the building.
Sculpture and video by Timon Prospèr
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